Developing strategy

Connecting online

Connecting online

Is this the new normal?

Connecting people, ideas and action

Helga empowers individuals, teams, organisations and communities to be clear on their roles and future plans.

Working with Helga, organisations and individuals are better able to connect ideas to strategy, strategy to action, actions to plans, people to people.


Drawing on her extensive leadership experience, Helga is known as a dynamic and challenging facilitator, coach, trainer, consultant and speaker.


Here are her top five key lessons that have guided and kept her focussed during her career so far:


  • Know your values

  • Never miss an opportunity

  • Find and work with good people

  • Connections are key

  • Do different things

"Knowing your values and aligning them with your goals is super important. It means you'll be better at what you do."

Clients include:

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